Ashgate Hospice

We have been early supporters of Ashgate Hospice - from supplying them with hundreds of masks during the pandemic to finding new ways to support them!

Working with Ashgate Hospice, we first settled upon making hearts that would be shared between Ashgate residents and their family members. These hearts followed a few simple guidelines aside from which we encourage creativity. Little, big, matched, mismatched, plain, patterned, knit, felt, sewn or crocheted- we have been happy to receive all the beautiful hearts made by the hundreds so far! And so have everyone at Ashgate. 

We then began our work on twiddle muffs, cuffs and aprons. These items are designed to provide comfort to people with Alzheimer's disease and Dementia. They have items attached to keep patients' hands active and busy. They provide a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation, and the muffs keeps hands snug at the same time. Our volunteers have been crafting these comfort aids in large quantities - always amazing to us how prompt the response is to a new project! 

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Baby Basics

Baby  Basics are an amazing organisation, supporting over a 1000 families a week in the Sheffield, Chesterfield area! We sent them facemasks that went out with the baby bundles and to families struggling to make ends meet. We also sent them children's drawstring toy bags that were needed for families in emergency or temporary accommodation. We are happy to say that the bags our volunteers made were popular and well received! 

Beginner sewists and crafters enjoy this project for the simplicity.


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Pathways of Chesterfield

We have knitted or crocheted neck warmers for the vulnerable people who Pathways supports and their volunteer outreach workers. We continue to keep in touch with them to see how we can support them with crafted essentials.


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From our days as Shelagh's Sewing Circle, we have gladly supported the NHS. As we saw the need for face coverings dwindle, we pursued other opportunities to see how else we could support them. We are happy to say that we have sent hundreds upon hundreds of baby bonding hearts to baby units across Chesterfield and Sheffield. 

We continue to support the NHS.


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